Terms & Conditions


Copyright on all  One of a Kind designs (OOAK) will be handed over to you at time of completion. The Autumn Rabbit will retain copyright to all designs and templates that are not one of a kind and/or subject to resale.
The Autumn Rabbit reserves the right to use stock images/clipart/vectors in the creation of designs.
Unless otherwise agreed and arranged, The Autumn Rabbit reserves the right to showcase the finished logo and or website and associated design work in their portfolio and in any number of online galleries/portfolios/showcases as well as in printed literature including books and magazines, now and in the future. Associated designs and artwork can included commercial print design/business cards/stationery design/signage/desktop icons/mobile phone and other portable device application icons and imagery.
In submitting a picture/image/graphic to use in any of your design work, you are agreeing that you have the rights to use that picture and The Autumn Rabbit is not liable for any misuse of copyrighted images.

The majority of designer/client communication is normally via email. The Autumn Rabbit will not take design instruction or changes via telephone. Our work is predominantly visual so it makes sense to use a visual medium to communicate your ideas.

The Client agrees to provide timely responses to The Autumn Rabbit after receiving status notifications, work for review or requests for information.

If the client has failed to respond after 30 days, The Autumn Rabbit will automatically deem the project complete or cancelled, archiving any files and removing the project from Outstanding Orders. At such time, The Autumn Rabbit shall have no further obligation to the client, and the client shall lose any investment already paid to The Autumn Rabbit as well as any design work.

Special circumstances will be taken into consideration and applied at the discretion of The Autumn Rabbit. The Autumn Rabbit will use all reasonable efforts to meet quoted completion dates. However, time is not the essence of the Contract and The Autumn Rabbit will not be liable in cases of late reporting, however caused, nor shall lateness be deemed to be a breach of Contract or an act of negligence.

Payment in full is required prior to the commencement of any design work. Payment can be made direct via Paypal on checkout

Due to the nature of these designs, absolutely no refunds will be given as the cost is charged per the time taken to design and not the actual design.
Partial refunds may be considered if you decide to cancel prior to the commencement of work. A 25% cancellation fee will be charged.

Refunds will also not be given on premade items if you do not like how your business name looks after you purchase. Previews can be arranged prior to purchase.

Refunds will also not be given on any instant download item. Any discrepancies  will be discussed on a case by case basis and only if there should be a problem with the files. Refunds will not be given if you simply change your mind or did not read the instructions/details.
If a project is cancelled by The Autumn Rabbit due to unforeseen circumstances, the client will be provided a full refund in a timely manner.

The client must proof all documentation and images prior to completion. Any amendments required after completion may be subject to charge.
While The Autumn Rabbit takes all care to avoid errors, The Autumn Rabbit accepts no responsibility for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information on any. “The Client” must proof and approve all artwork prior to completion of finalized files. The confirmation of the Client’s shall be conclusive as to the approval of all.

Any images included in the website template download must be removed prior to launching your new website.  Instructions will be given on how to change out these images for your own.  These images remain copyright of the photographer who provided them to The Autumn Rabbit for marketing purposes only and may not be used by the purchasing client.

The Autumn Rabbit is not liable for any printing errors and any subsequent monetary loss. Please check files and resolution prior to proceeding with printed materials with your chosen printers. If unsure please ask your printers to confirm the quality of the file.
With all printing there may be some color variations from what you have seen on screen, to what the final product looks like, and previous orders.

The Autumn Rabbit assumes no responsibility for obtaining permission from professional photographers and is not liable for reproduction copyright laws. In submitting a picture to use in your design, you are agreeing that you have the rights to use that picture and The Autumn Rabbit is not liable for any misuse of copyrighted images. The photographer must also have the necessary permission/model release from all persons in the photo.

The Autumn Rabbit is not responsible for troubleshooting or educating you on how to use the files provided. Instant download files will come with basic instruction but a working knowledge of the program you are purchasing for is essential. Usually a quick Google search can give sufficient info on the different file types and I am happy to give basic guidance but not full tutorials!

The Autumn Rabbit backs up all previous work and files, including all concepts, versions and variations. We keep all artwork for a period of 6 years from the date of the last project, after which time is will be deleted. We will either share a folder with all the finished artwork via DropBox.com or email them direct to you.

“”The client” and The Autumn Rabbit agree to behave through all communications in a professional, courteous and respectful manner.
Any actions toward staff or designers at The Autumn Rabbit deemed as disrespectful, unprofessional, abusive, bullying or verbal/written cruelty on the part of “The Client” may result in a cancellation of the project with no refund.
Actions that may result in cancellation of the project may include: insulting language, profanity, unwarranted criticism of the designer’s general ability and not the art, disrespectful comments, personal insults, defamation, slander, swearing, flaming on social media sites, personal insults, threats regarding non-payment, bullying behavior general lack of respect

All and any amendments to the terms and conditions outlined in this submission must be provided in writing by “The Client” and signed by an authorized representative of “The Autumn Rabbit” prior to the commencement of work outlined in this submission.

Updated: June 2015
Signed by: The Autumn Rabbit