What you can and cannot do


Our commercial licenses allow you to use our clipart and graphic elements to create custom end products for commercial use without providing credit to The Autumn Rabbit Ltd.  By purchasing any of our commercial use licenses, you are agreeing to comply to all terms outlined in the license and the conditions below.


  • You may sell under 500 units of your end product with the Standard License that is included with each clipart set.   For more than 500 please ensure you upgrade to either our Extended use or Ultimate Commercial use License.
  • If you are a large business and employee more than 1 person who will use these graphics then please ensure you purchase our Corporation License (see details below).
  • Copyright does NOT transfer with sale. Copyright remains with The Autumn Rabbit Ltd.
  • You must NOT claim the work of The Autumn Rabbit Ltd as your own. You may NOT promise exclusivity.
  • Our product must constitute less than 50% of your creations.
  • You may NOT use our products in the creation of “freebies”.
  • You may NOT resell as clipart, re-distribute, sub-license, share or supply sources files to a third party.
  • You may sell created items on third party sites e.g. Etsy, Café Press, Zazzle.
  • You may create PRINTED stationery , hand made or printed cards, logos, marketing materials, invitations, brochures, flyers, business cards, all sort of printed stationery elements.
  • Protect our files by using your watermark on creations that are publicly displayed online.
  • End products must be packaged in such a way that the original resource files CANNOT be easily extracted by third parties.
  • End product designs may NOT be trademarked, service marked,  copyrighted or be a registered logo.
All graphics by The Autumn Rabbit Ltd are protected by international copyright laws and treaties. The Autumn Rabbit Ltd owns all rights, including the copyrights to the graphics. Your rights to use the graphics are subject to the terms stated in the Licence agreement, and are conditional upon you making payment to The Autumn Rabbit Ltd for the usage rights of the graphics. The Autumn Rabbit Ltd reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and License.
Q: What is Personal Use & Commercial Use?
A: Both the Standard, Extended and Ultimate Licenses allow for Personal Use and numerous Commercial Projects.

Personal Use
Personal Use is classified as creating products that ultimately have no monetary gain e.g you are not creating an end product to sell.
Examples of Personal Use: using a graphic to create a one off birthday card for a friend; designing a wedding invitation for yourself; creating your own logo for your business.

Commercial Work
Commercial work is classified as any end product created where by monetary gain is obtained.
Examples of Commercial use: Creating  a pre made logo to sell on your website/Etsy/Creative Market etc; designing a logo/brand for a client; designing a wedding invitation suite to sell multiple times.

Q: How do I know which license to purchase?
A: Please see our table below to easily compare the different licenses or do not hesitate to contact us if you’re unsure which to choose.


Q: What is an end product?
A: An End Product is a design you created for the purpose of re-selling e.g. a pre-made logo; wedding stationery suite; branding kit.

Please Note: If more than 500 units of an End Product is sold you will need to either purchase another Extended License or our Ultimate License.

Q: Can I buy an Extended License for items already purchased?
A: Yes, click here to find our licenses to purchase.
Q: Can I use your graphics in my logo design?

A: Yes Absolutely! You may under just our “Standard” license policy if you are creating it for yourself.

Please bare in mind though that you cannot register the logo as a trademark as third parties can also use the same item (even in another logo design).

Q: Can I sell a pre-designed logo in my online store?

A: Yes absolutely! We would suggest creating something brand new, possibly combing 2 different sets or even mixing our stuff with another designer to give it that unique edge!

End products must be packaged in such a way that the original resource files CANNOT be easily extracted by third parties.

Q: Can I give my client or printer original source files?

A: Yes absolutely! But we do ask that you request the printer to dispose of the graphics once they have finished supplying you with your products.

When providing files to clients we ask that any designs you create are flattened and the original source files are not provided. If your client requires access to the original designs, we request an additional “Standard” product is purchased for them.

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